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Lowchens.org - About us

I´ve been interesting in Lowchens since 1990 thanks to Mrs Šedivá from Písek who seems to be a foundless of this breed in the Czech Republic. /the kennel Bílá zátoka/ I met her at an international show in Brno. I learned from her that this breed is lovely and it also has fantastic character too. I can´t forget her saying that Lowchens are jokers all their life and I think she wasn´t wrong. And whenever I watch them playing, I agree that´s true. They were so charming I couldn´t help myself and get my first Lowchen bitch which comes from the first litter in Bohemia. Anita z Bílé zátoky.


And so everything has begun,


Lowchens.org - About us

I took care of my girl from the first litter / Ami Noblesa/. Unfortunately this girl had no puppies. In order to enlarge and improve the breed of my own, I touched other experienced breeders in the world. I chose England where native breeders had nearly 40 years tradition with Lowchen´s breeding. Having spoken to Mrs Anne MacDonald, I decided to make an impact on her bitch from Hanovarian kennel. This madam was supposed to be a very successful breeder. She bred a few English champions as well as she worked as an international judge. She was an expert for Lowchens. I´ve been very thankful to her so far. She gave me the opportunity to buy the bitch Hanovarian Rapunzel /Sally/. Mrs Patricia Neal is a breeder of our Sally. I would like to thank her too. She gave me many useful and important information and advices and she also trusted me in selling that girl with a pedigree of high quality even if I had no deeper experience in that sphere. Her great help and contribution has become the basic point for my present breeding...

Lowchens.org - About usLowchens.org - About us
Hanovarian RapunzelHanovarian Rapunzel and her daughter Esara Noblesa Aura



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